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Malek, Emanuel; Samtleben, Henning (2018): Ten-dimensional origin of Minkowski vacua in N=8 supergravity. In: Physics Letters B, Vol. 776: pp. 64-71
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Maximal supergravity in four dimensions admits two inequivalent dyonic gaugings of the group SO(4) xSO(2,2) X T-16. Both admit a Minkowski vacuum with residual SO(4) xSO(2)(2)symmetry and identical spectrum. We explore these vacua and their deformations. Using exceptional field theory, we show that the four-dimensional theories arise as consistent truncations from IIA and IIB supergravity, respectively, around a Mink(4) x S-3 x H-3 geometry. The IIA/IIB truncations are efficiently related by an outer automorphism of SL(4) subset of E-7(7). As an application, we give an explicit uplift of the moduli of the vacua into a 4-parameter family of ten-dimensional solutions.