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Schwarz, Marianne; Schall, Kevin; Kallis, Eleni; Eustermann, Sebastian; Guariento, Mara; Moldt, Manuela; Hopfner, Karl-Peter; Michaelis, Jens (2018): Single-molecule nucleosome remodeling by INO80 and effects of histone tails. In: Febs Letters, Vol. 592, No. 3: pp. 318-331
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Genome maintenance and integrity requires continuous alterations of the compaction state of the chromatin structure. Chromatin remodelers, among others the INO80 complex, help organize chromatin by repositioning, reshaping, or evicting nucleosomes. We report on INO80 nucleosome remodeling, assayed by single-molecule Foerster resonance energy transfer on canonical nucleosomes as well as nucleosomes assembled from tailless histones. Nucleosome repositioning by INO80 is a processively catalyzed reaction. During the initiation of remodeling, probed by the INO80 bound state, the nucleosome reveals structurally heterogeneous states for tailless nucleosomes (in contrast to wild-type nucleosomes). We, therefore, propose an altered energy landscape for the INO80-mediated nucleosome sliding reaction in the absence of histone tails.