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Ljepoja, Bojan; Garcia-Roman, Jonathan; Sommer, Ann-Katrin; Frohlich, Thomas; Arnold, Georg J.; Wagner, Ernst; Roidl, Andreas (2018): A proteomic analysis of an in vitro knock-out of miR-200c. In: Scientific Reports, Vol. 8, 6927
Creative Commons Attribution 3MB


Loss of miR-200c is correlated to advanced cancer-subtypes due to increased EMT and decreased treatment efficacy by chemotherapeutics. As miRNAs regulate a multitude of targets, the analysis of differentially expressed proteins upon a genomic knock-out (KO) is of interest. In this study, we generated a TALENs KO of miR-200c in MCF7 breast cancer cells, excluded its compensation by family-members and evaluated the impact on the proteome by analyzing three individual KO-clones. We identified 26 key proteins and a variety of enrichments in metabolic and cytoskeletal pathways. In six of these targets (AGR2, FLNA/B, ALDH7A1, SCIN, GSTM3) the differential expression was additionally detected at mRNA level. Together, these alterations in protein abundance accounted for the observed biological phenotypes, i.e. increased migration and chemoresistance and altered metabolism, found in the miR-200c-KO clones. These findings provide novel insights into miR-200c and pave the way for further studies.