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Casella, Laura A.; Roda, Maria del Mar Simonet; Angiolini, Lucia; Ziegler, Andreas; Schmahl, Wolfgang W.; Brand, Uwe and Griesshaber, Erika (2018): Archival biogenic micro- and nanostructure data analysis: Signatures of diagenetic systems. In: Data in Brief, Vol. 19: pp. 299-311 [PDF, 8MB]


The present data in brief article provides additional data and information to our research article "Micro- and nanostructures reflect the degree of diagenetic alteration in modern and fossil brachiopod shell calcite: a multi-analytical screening approach (CL, FE-SEM, AFM, EBSD)" [1] (Casella et al.). We present fibre morphology, nano- and microstructure, as well as calcite crystal orientations and textures found in pristine, experimentally altered (hydrothermal and thermal), and diagenetically overprinted brachiopod shells. Combination of the screening tools AFM, FE-SEM, and EBSD allows to observe a significant change in microstructural and textural features with an increasing degree of laboratory based and naturally occurring diagenetic alteration. Amalgamation of neighbouring fibres was observed on the micrometre scale level, whereas progressive decomposition of biopolymers in the shells and fusion of nanoparticulate calcite crystals was detected on the nanometre scale. The presented data in this article and the study described in [1] allows for qualitative information on the degree of diagenetic alteration of fossil archives used for palaeoclimate reconstruction.

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