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Dürr, Eveline; Jaffe, Rivke; Jones, Gareth A. (2019): Brokers and Tours: Selling Urban Poverty and Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean. In: Space and Culture
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This article explores how so-called ``slum'' tourism commodifies poverty and violence, transforming urban deprivation into a tourism product. In particular, we pay ethnographic attention to the role of brokers who mediate encounters between residents and tourists. The article explores how brokers-tour guides, art curators and civil society organizations-work to mediate power structures and enact a specific representational-performative politics. In so doing, brokers play a key role in aestheticizing and performing poverty and violence and converting disadvantaged spaces into a tourist product. We argue that brokers are vital to the reproduction of existing inequalities and to the formation of new social relationships and subjectivities.