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Bader, Kristian; Gille, Peter (2020): Single Crystal Growth of FeGa3 and FeGa3−xGex from High‐Temperature Solution Using the Czochralski Method. In: Crystal Research and Technology, Vol. 55, No. 2, 1900067
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Single crystal growth and characterization of the binary semiconducting compound FeGa3 and its Ge‐substitute FeGa3–xGex are reported. Whereas there have been several investigations on the thermoelectric properties based on small samples grown by the flux method, this study is the first approach using the Czochralski growth technique from well‐oriented single‐crystalline seeds. Problems and solutions of the growth of cm3‐size single crystals are discussed in detail. Ge segregation in FeGa3–xGex is described by a segregation coefficient lower than unity which leads to an axially increasing Ge content along the pulling direction. Consequences with respect to lattice parameter changes and thermoanalytic measurements are reported.