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Kreuzer, Christine and Weber, Susanne (2020): Apprentices’ Errors in Intrapreneurship: Findings from a Large-Scale Assessment. In: Vocations and Learning, Vol. 13, No. 2: pp. 341-366 [PDF, 797kB]


Intrapreneurship competence, as one of the main twenty-first century skills, has moved into focus, as it enables benefits for both organizations and individuals. To foster associated competencies and enable tailor-made instruction, teachers need knowledge not only about what their students can do but also about which errors are typically made within this domain. To identify such knowledge, we analyzed the results from a large-scale assessment (5436 responses). We then classified the errors found according to more overarching error categories and assigned them to the facets of a previously developed and validated intrapreneurship competence model to obtain a deeper understanding of which facets of intrapreneurship are not mastered and what the problems are. Additionally, we refer to more general error types in the domain of creative problem-solving to integrate our findings into the broader discussion. By formulating this error-related information as domain-specific negative knowledge, which refers to “how something is not” or “how something does not work”, respectively, we can use this information constructively when designing instructional means for future tailor-made approaches and individual guidance.

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