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Radner, Karen; Kreppner, Florian Janoscha and Squitieri, Andrea (eds.) (24. November 2020): The Dinka Settlement Complex 2019: Further Archaeological and Geophysical Work on Qalat-i Dinka and in the Lower Town. Peshdar Plain Project Publications, Vol. 5. Gladbeck: PeWe-Verlag. [PDF, 172MB]


The fifth volume of the annual Peshdar Plain Project’s reports presents a comprehensive account of the 2019 fieldwork activities at the Dinka Settlement Complex (Kurdish Autonomous Region of Iraq), which included excavations, environmental studies and the continuation of the geophysical survey by Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT). On the one hand, fieldwork focused on further improving our understanding of the large-scale urbanised settlement in the upper valley of the Lower Zab river that its good state of preservation and excellent archaeological accessibility make a key site for the study of the Iron Age in the Zagros mountain range of northeastern Iraq and northwestern Iran. On the other hand, also much earlier periods of the occupation of the Bora Plain have come into sharper focus in 2019, chiefly through the excavation of a Chalcolithic pottery kiln under the Iron Age structures of the Lower Town. Moreover, the volume presents the results of analyses of materials previously excavated at the Dinka Settlement Complex as well as a first survey report on the Iron Age sites in the Sardasht district of the Iranian province of West-Azarbaijan, further up in the valley of the Lower Zab river.

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