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Frazer, Mary (2020): Neo- and Late Babylonian Documents in the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin. In: Revue d'assyriologie et d'archéologie orientale, Vol. 114: pp. 159-178
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This article presents first editions of eight Neo- and Late Babylonian administrative documents in the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, thereby completing the publication of the administrative documents in its collection. The documents were written in Uruk (Nos. 1-4 and probably 5), Bēl-iqbi (No. 6), Bīt-Rē’î (No. 7) and either Babylon or Kish (No. 8) and they range in date from the reign of Nabopolassar (Nos. 1 and 6) to the reign of Darius I (No. 7) and probably later (No. 8). As well as documenting, for example, the repair of a bridge in Uruk (No. 4) and a shift in crop emphasis on a temple estate (No. 6), the documents contribute to the prosopography of Babylonia c. 600-325 BCE. Men mentioned include a šangû of Sippar (No. 6) and two scribes who rose to the rank of šatammu of the Eanna temple (Nos. 2 and 3).