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Feiler, Therese; Gaitskell, Kezia; Maughan, Tim; Hordern, Joshua (2017): Personalised Medicine. The Promise, the Hype and the Pitfalls. In: The New Bioethics, Vol. 23, No. 1: pp. 1-12
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In engaging critically with personalised medicine and mapping pitfalls which mark its progress this project aims to stimulate conversations which deal intelligently with controversies for the sake of consensus. We aim to ask the ethical questions which will lead to the improvement of healthcare and we take an open-minded approach to finding answers to them over time. What is or should be meant by ‘personalised medicine’ is a major theme of this issue. It is a debate bound up with question of both values in the sense of ethical reflection and value in the sense of economic return. This editorial discusses and interrelates the articles of the issue under four headings: the promise and the hype of personalised medicine; the human person and the communication of risk; data sharing and participation; value, equity and power. A key intention throughout is to provoke discourse and debate, to identify aspirations which are more grounded in myth or hype than reality and to challenge them; and to identify focussed, practical questions which need further examination.