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Biermann, E. and Spickhoff, A. (2019): Physician assistant in anaesthesiology - "New wine in old skins?". In: Anasthesiologie & Intensivmedizin, Vol. 60: pp. 36-41

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Against the backdrop of the still prevailing legal condition according to which practicing medicine is in principle reserved to the licensed physician, the specialties will have to discuss as to what extent the physician assistant shall be able to contribute to anaesthesiological services, taking into consideration the objective and other limits of such delegation next to or even in the stead of a further qualified nursing staff, or perhaps also beyond any previous purview. In this regard, also bearing in mind the field of tension between economic considerations and due diligence upon reviewing which employment areas can be professionally and legally assigned to a physician assistant "they will have to observe the premise of the German Federal Supreme Court stating that, the security of the patient has priority over all other issues" [20]. Here, the prerogative of interpretation on behalf of the specialties and (labour) politics faces limits.

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