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Wittek, Bernhard H. (2019): Where are we today in understanding the role of the firm as a driver of international flows of highly skilled migrants? Reviewing the status of the literature on direct and indirect host country meso-level influences. In: International Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol. 32, No. 20: pp. 4253-4286

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Being able to compete in the global marketplace for highly skilled migrants is becoming increasingly important for economic prosperity. This study draws on neoclassical push and pull theory to investigate the state of scientific knowledge concerning the role of the firm in attracting highly skilled international migrants to individual host countries. Systematically reviewing economic analyses of migration flow drivers as well as management studies with organizational or individual perspectives, it establishes key themes and methodological patterns that shed light on the broader context in which firms and human resource management practitioners exert direct and indirect influences on migration decisions. Research has explored drivers of migration flows largely from an individual perspective, putting particular emphasis on relocation motivations and the career experiences of those who move abroad. However, we are still lacking a clear understanding of what kinds of companies attract international talent. The debate is missing a systematic framework and shows some notable theoretical gaps. Propositions for a future research agenda are discussed.

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