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George, Ann Cathrice; Bley, Sandra and Pellegrino, James (2019): Characterizing and Diagnosing Complex Professional Competencies-An Example of Intrapreneurship. In: Educational Measurement-Issues and Practice, Vol. 38, No. 2: pp. 89-100

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We describe an approach to characterizing and diagnosing complex professional competencies (CPCs) for the field of Intrapreneurship, i.e. activities of an entrepreneurial nature engaged by employees within their existing organizations. Our approach draws upon prior conceptual, empirical, and analytical efforts by researchers in Germany. Results are presented from an application of a cognitive diagnostic modeling approach to the performance of late stage apprentices on tasks derived from a previously developed competence model of Intrapreneurship. The results are discussed in terms of the type of cognitive diagnosis model (CDM) most appropriate for the domain and task battery, and patterns of performance are presented for seven diagnosable Intrapreneurship skills. By interpreting the assessment task response data in terms of a CDM, diagnostic, skill-based information is obtained which verifies the strengths and weaknesses of the apprentices at a late stage in their training and has the potential to provide feedback to training programs triggering the improvement of individual apprentice learning and subsequent work-related performance.

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