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Lepko, Tjasa; Pusch, Melanie; Müller, Tamara; Schulte, Dorothea; Ehses, Janina; Kiebler, Michael; Hasler, Julia; Huttner, Hagen B.; Vandenbroucke, Roosmarijn E.; Vandendriessche, Charysse; Modic, Miha; Martin-Villalba, Ana; Zhao, Sheng; LLorens-Bobadilla, Enric; Schneider, Anja; Fischer, Andre; Breunig, Christopher T.; Stricker, Stefan H.; Götz, Magdalena; Ninkovic, Jovica (2019): Choroid plexus-derived miR-204 regulates the number of quiescent neural stem cells in the adult brain. In: EMBO Journal, Vol. 38, No. 17, e100481
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Regulation of adult neural stem cell (NSC) number is critical for lifelong neurogenesis. Here, we identified a post-transcriptional control mechanism, centered around the microRNA 204 (miR-204), to control the maintenance of quiescent (q)NSCs. miR-204 regulates a spectrum of transcripts involved in cell cycle regulation, neuronal migration, and differentiation in qNSCs. Importantly, inhibition of miR-204 function reduced the number of qNSCs in the subependymal zone (SEZ) by inducing pre-mature activation and differentiation of NSCs without changing their neurogenic potential. Strikingly, we identified the choroid plexus of the mouse lateral ventricle as the major source of miR-204 that is released into the cerebrospinal fluid to control number of NSCs within the SEZ. Taken together, our results describe a novel mechanism to maintain adult somatic stem cells by a niche-specific miRNA repressing activation and differentiation of stem cells.