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Alexopoulos, Panagiotis; Thierjung, Nathalie; Economou, Polychronis; Werle, Lukas; Buhl, Felix; Kagerbauer, Simone; Papanastasiou, Anastasios D.; Grimmer, Timo; Gourzis, Philippos; Berthele, Achim; Hemmer, Bernhard; Kuebler, Hubert; Martin, Jan; Politis, Antonios; Perneczky, Robert (2019): Plasma Levels of Soluble A beta PP beta as a Biomarker for Alzheimer's Disease with Dementia. In: Journal of Alzheimers Disease, Vol. 69, No. 1: pp. 83-90
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Cost- and time-effective markers of Alzheimer's disease (AD), reliable and feasible at the population level are urgently needed. Soluble amyloid-beta protein precursor beta (sA beta PP beta) in plasma has attracted scientific attention as a potential AD biomarker candidate. Here we report that plasma sA beta PP beta levels in patients with AD dementia and typical for AD cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) biomarker profiles (N = 33) are significantly lower (p < 0.01) than those of cognitively healthy elderly individuals without AD (N = 39), while CSF sA beta PP beta levels did not differ between the studied groups. This provides further evidence for the potential of sA beta PP beta in plasma as an AD biomarker candidate.