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Sordol, Vera Moya (2019): THE SEMANTICS OF SHIPWRECKS IN THE GULF OF MEXICO AND THE CARIBBEAN: MARITIME ARCHEOLOGY UNDER PERSPECTIVE. In: Magallanica-Revista De Historia Moderna, Vol. 6, No. 11: pp. 94-125

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The region that comprises the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean has been an integral and dynamic landscape of cultural mobility between America and Europe, and preserves a unique material legacy representative of changes and continuities both regionally and globally. This text will evaluate the scope and practices of research in maritime archaeology in the region, as well as institutional strategies and particular realities for the discovery, study and preservation of submerged contexts. It will focus on the interpretive potential of the shipwreck, based on its dialectic, for the knowledge of the processes of navigation, multiculturalism, adaptation and transformation of the floating world. It will reflect on the challenge of the rescue and preservation of this heritage as a potential source of universal knowledge.

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