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Paulus, Christof (2019): Investiturstreit, Interim und Domkapitel : zur Ausprägung institutioneller Verantwortlichkeit. In: Revue Belge de Philologie et d'Histoire, Vol. 97, No. 2: pp. 359-376

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The decades around 1100 were crucial years for the consolidation of the cathedral chapter in Augsburg. At the end of that time there was an ecclesiastical corporation, which was able to face the bishop of Augsburg with an extreme self-confidence. One longer vacancy of the episcopal see seems to have particularly promoted the formation of the cathedral chapter. Years of conflict after the death of Bishop Embrico in 1077 changed the profile of the cathedral clergy fundamentally. Their vita communis dissolved, but they increasingly institutionalized themselves as a legal body with aspirations to rule, as proven by the Augsburg Yearbooks (Annales Augustani), written by a cathedral cleric. Thus, the cathedral chapter gave its own interpretation of history to the turbulent times of the so-called Investiture controversy.

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