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Torra-Prat, Ricard (2019): De la teoría a la práctica: la Visita de los oficiales reales en Cataluña, 1635-1711. In: Memoria Y Civilizacion-Anuario De Historia, Vol. 22: pp. 263-287

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This article aims to study the Visita (inspection) of the royal officials of the Principality of Catalonia within the 17th and 18th centuries, an institution far less known to the historiography than its Castilian counterparts. Our goal is to offer a global understanding of the Visita using not only legal and procedural sources but also showing the point of view of the agents of the institution and of the people who interacted with it. In doing so, we focalize our attention in two Visitas, the one held between 1635-1636 and the one held between 1710-1711, respectively. Although both inspections had the same final purpose, that is the control over the public servants of the king, their legal frame-sets were by no means different: this offers also an outstanding occasion for a comparative study.

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