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Zeman, Sonja (2019): The emergence of viewpoints in multiple perspective constructions. In: Pragmatics, Vol. 29, No. 2: pp. 226-249

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This paper tackles the question of how multiple viewpoints emerge through the interplay of different viewpoint parameters within the (i) dynamics of discourse and (ii) their diachronic development. In particular, it will focus on 'Future of Fate' (FoF) (e.g. He was never to return.), i.e. future-in-the-past meanings with potentially distinct values both on the semantic dimension of temporality and the dimension of knowledge attribution. These viewpoint meanings are 'irregular' in the sense that they cannot be predicted solely on the basis of the grammatical context of past modal obligation. Based on empirical analyses of German sollte + inf. and the mello construction in Homeric Greek, it is shown that the - diachronic as well as synchronic - emergence of viewpoints is the result of the interplay between the deictic structure of grammatical elements and the perspectival structure of discourse context.

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