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Pan, Tao (2019): TB pitke 'fat, grease, oil' and PIE *peih(1)- 'to be fat, be bursting with'. In: Indogermanische Forschungen, Vol. 124, No. 1: pp. 265-278

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This paper investigates the meaning and the etymology of TB pitke. Based on a philological study of Sanskrit, Chinese and Tibetan parallel texts, the meaning of TB pitke can be determined to be 'fat, grease, oil'. TB pitke corresponds to Skt. medas- 'fat', Tib. tshil 'fat, grease' and Chin. zhi 'fat, grease'. The philological identification of the meaning of TB pitke as 'fat, grease, oil' opens the door to an etymological connection with PIE *peiH 'to be fat, swell', and, based on the historical phonology of Tocharian, leads to the determination of the laryngeal as *h(1).

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