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Peri, Annamaria (2019): Achilles from Homer to the Masters of Late Archaic Poetry, or: From pathos to Splendour. In: Philologus, Vol. 163, No. 1: pp. 1-15

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Late archaic lyric poetry tends to obscure all pathetic and tragic elements of Achilles' destiny present in the Iliad. The offence against his honour, his grief for Patroclus, his yearning for native Phthia, and a painful awareness of being omega kappa upsilon mu omicron rho omicron sigma("short-lived") - none of these themes play a role in the passages of Pindar, Bacchylides or Simonides where Achilles is mentioned. Yet each of these three poets operates differently with regard to the epic source, and it is worth investigating how they do so.

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