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Flores Militello, Vicente (2019): In rebus gravissimis tractandis nusquam a risu iocoque discedas: Luciano, maestro de espíritu literario (y de griego) en el Renacimiento. El caso del Momus de Leon Battista Alberti. In: Araucaria-Revista Iberoamericana De Filosofia Politica Y Humanidades, Vol. 21, No. 41: pp. 311-328

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This article briefly presents the circumstances of Lucian's "rediscovered" ceuvre in the Italian (Pre-)Renaissance and the literary impetus which this caused in the specific case of Leon Battista Alberti's Momus. For this aim, I will focus on the role of Manuel Chrysoloras, on the aspects of literary genre which Lucian expresses above all in the Prometheus es in verbis (the mixing of Dialogue and Comedy.), and, finally, on how this aspects were taken up again in the Momus, where Alberti presents himself as an innovator of Latin literature and, at the same time, as an indirect continuator of Lucian's work.

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