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Alex, Jimi M.; Corvaglia, Valentina; Hu, Xiaobo; Engilberge, Sylvain; Huc, Ivan; Crowley, Peter B. (2019): Crystal structure of a protein-aromatic foldamer composite: macromolecular chiral resolution. In: Chemical Communications, Vol. 55, No. 74: pp. 11087-11090
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Co-crystallization of a 2 kDa tether-free sulfonated foldamer and the 13 kDa lysine-rich cytochrome c yielded a remarkable biohybrid assembly with chiral resolution of the foldamer helix handedness. In the crystal a similar to 5 nm foldamer stack was surrounded by eight molecules of protein. NMR and CD experiments suggest interesting differences in the solution state recognition processes.