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Tobias, Peters; Philipp, Seitz Immanuel; Stylianos, Michalakis; Martin, Biel; Barbara, Wilhelm; Felix, Reichel; Alexander, Ochakovski Guy; Eberhart, Zrenner; Marius, Ueffing; Birgit, Korbmacher; Sven, Korte; Ulrich, Bartz-Schmidt Karl; Dominik, Fischer Manuel; Bartz-Schmidt, Karl Ulrich; Bolz, Sylvia; Fischer, Dominik; Kohl, Susanne; Kuehlewein, Laura; Muehlfriedel, Regine; Neubauer, Jonas; Ochakovski, Alex; Paquet-Durand, Francois; Seeliger, Mathias; Sothilingam, Vithiyanjali; Ueffing, Marius; Weisschuh, Nicole; Wissinger, Bernd; Zhour, Ahmad; Zobor, Ditta; Zrenner, Eberhart; Biel, Martin; Michalakis, Stylianos; Schön, Christian; Kahle, Nadine; Peters, Tobias; Wilhelm, Barbara; Tsang, Steven and Gloeckner, Christian Johannes (2019): Safety and Toxicology of Ocular Gene Therapy with Recombinant AAV Vector rAAV.hCNGA3 in Nonhuman Primates. In: Human Gene Therapy Clinical Development, Vol. 30, No. 2: pp. 50-56

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


The purpose of this study was to examine the toxicity and side effects of a recombinant adeno-associated virus 8 (AAV8) vector, aimed to treat cyclic nucleotide gated channel alpha 3 (CNGA3)-linked achromatopsia, after a single subretinal administration in cynomolgus macaques. Animals were followed in two studies: a 13-week study with 22 animals and a 28-day study with 12 animals. Both groups were divided into subgroups receiving either vehicle only, a low (1 x 10(11) vector genomes (vg)), or a high dose (1 x 10(12) vg) of rAAV.hCNGA3. In the 13-week study, an extra group received single high-dose intravitreal injections. Here we present the group results of the histological examinations carried out after necropsy from the 28-day study, the retinal functional (electroretinography) in the 13-week study, and clinical observations from both studies. Treatment-related adverse effects were not found, and parameter changes were mostly related to the surgical procedure. The treatment of achromatopsia with rAAV.hCNGA3 is therefore deemed safe to apply to humans.

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