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Christiansen, Birgit (2019): Editions of Lycian Inscriptions not Included in Melchert’s Corpus from 2001. In: Adiego, Ignasi-Xavier; García Trabazo, José Virgilio; Vernet, Mariona; Obrador-Cursach, Bartomeu; Martínez Rodríguez, Elena (eds.) : Luwic dialects and Anatolian. Inheritance and Diffusion. Barcino Monographica Orientalia, Vol. 12. Barcelona: Universitat de Barcelona Ediciones. pp. 65-134
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The purpose of the paper is to provide editions of all Lycian inscriptions and fragments of inscriptions that are neither included in Neumann 1979 nor the online corpus published by Melchert in 2001. 1 As far as possible or appropriate, the texts will be presented in transliteration, translation, and commentaries. This applies both to the inscriptions that have already been published by other scholars and to those that I have been entrusted with for publication.