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Hiller, Jürgen (2020): „Skal vi tro, at det er Barnets virkelige Navn?“ — Namen als Ausgangspunkte intertextueller Dialogizität in Karen Blixens „Alkmene“. In: European Journal of Scandinavian Studies, Vol. 50, No. 1: pp. 1-21

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Karen Blixen's works are characterized by a plurality of intertextual references. The article wants to explore in-depth a specific facet, the reference function of names in one of Blixen's Winter's Tales, "Alkmene". Besides the well-known mythological references, evidence shows a pronounced dialogue of Blixen's text with works of St. St. Blicher, Shakespeare and Goethe. Most previous interest concentrated on mythological and explicitly referenced names whereas e.g. the affinity in the relation between Blixen's Alkmene and Vilhelm and the corresponding relation between Goethe's Wilhelm Meister and Mignon has gone unnoticed. The intertexts are not only communicating with Blixen's "Alkmene", but constitute a common resonating cavity in which some themes are taken up in almost all of the texts.

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