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Negri, Andrea Maria (2020): Colonialism, nationalism and modernity in al-Manfaluti's novelization of a Coppee's play: a comparative reading of Fi sabil al-taj and Pour La Couronne. In: Middle Eastern Literatures, Vol. 23, No. 3: pp. 160-176
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This article discusses the ways in which Mu?tafa Lutfi al-Manfaluti rewrote Francois Coppee's Pour la Couronne (1895) in the shape of the novel, Fi sabil al-taj (1920). Al-Manfaluti turns a French drama into an Egyptian epic rather than simply introducing a piece of foreign literature by means of translation, so as to spread his call against imperialism and anti-colonialism and his program for fashioning an Egyptian national in the frame of 1919 Revolution. Whereas the author preserves all of the main events and traits of the original story, through commentary and word selection in his translation he orientates a new interpretation of the text. The article suggests that translation in the Nah?a cannot be seen only as acculturation but, in line with Venuti and Reynolds, should be considered as a new text that expresses the agency of the translators and their cultural environment.