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Simon, Zsolt (2020): Urindogermanische Lehnwörter in den uralischen und finno-ugrischen Grundsprachen. In: Indogermanische Forschungen, Vol. 125, No. 1: pp. 239-265
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


This paper contains a critical evaluation of the alleged ProtoIndo-European loanwords in Proto-Uralic and Proto-Finno-Ugric and argues that most of them cannot be upheld. It is also argued that currently it is not possible to choose between different scenarios for the remaining cases, i.e. sheer coincidence, borrowing from Proto-Indo-European, borrowing from a precursor of Tocharian, and a combination of any of these. Incidentally, this result also means that these words cannot be used for the location of the Proto-Indo-European homeland in the steppe area, which thus loses its single trustworthy linguistic argument.