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Fowler, Michael D. (2020): From actantial model to conceptual graph: Thematized action in John Cage's0 ' 00 '(4 ' 33 '' No. 2). In: Journal of Mathematics and Music, Vol. 14, No. 3: pp. 307-328
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


In this article, I build an actantial model,, of John Cage's 1962 indeterminate work(433No. 2). To further investigate Greimas' actantial axes ofdesire,knowledgeandpower, I generate an ontology,, that records the facts of the model through hierarchies of relations and concepts. This allows for a conceptual graph (CG),, that describes the score's instructions and its actants. Extracting subgraphs ofthen allows for reasoned arguments about the implications of Cage's instructions in the score, and in particular, the composer's reference to "an obligation to others." Through a conceptual graph rule, I offer a framework for generating the structure of ascore-informed interpretationof(433No. 2)that is based on a number of key conditionals that map the actants of the piece and their relation to the unfolding of the work's narrative.