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Schallert, Oliver (2020): A Note on Misplaced or Wrongly Attached zu in German. In: Journal of Germanic Linguistics, Vol. 32, No. 1, PII S1470542719000138: pp. 43-82
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This paper deals with the misplacement of the infinitival marker zu 'to' in German. While this phenomenon only occurs in certain config-urations in the standard language, such as auxiliary fronting, it is common in dialects and shows quite a high degree of variability. I discuss the misplacement of zu in Standard German due to auxiliary fronting, as well as other types of zu-misplacement found in dialects. I propose two parsimonious options for the analysis of the standard language as well as dialect cases, namely, i) precedence rules and ii) a special kind of infixing operation that was first proposed in the framework of Categorial Morphology (Bach 1984, Hoeksema 1985). I show that even though the first approach has its merits, the second one is more advantageous.*