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Daniels, Rosali; Fanselow, Anne and Egert, Franziska (2020): Zur Wirksamkeit sprachfördernder Frühinterventionen bei Late Talkers: Eine Metaanalyse. In: Sprache-Stimme-Gehor

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Between 10-20 percent of two-year-olds are delayed in their language development and called late talkers [LT]. To prevent the higher risk of emerging disorders of language development, several early interventions exist and are implemented by speech pathologists, parents or preschool teachers. This meta-analysis provides a synthesis of available research on the effectiveness of early interventions to foster language development in late talkers before 36 months. The systematic literature search (2008-2018) revealed 2191 hits. After quality screening that was carried out by two independent reviewers, 5 relevant controlled studies with data of 443 LT were identified. The aggregated overall effect was g=0.40 for early interventions to enhance language development. Differential effects were found for expressive vocabulary g=0.48 and g=0.83 for syntax. The meta-analysis supports the assumption that intervening at an early age is important for the language development of late talkers.

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