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Kruse, Elisabeth (2020): Migración y transculturación del tópico del león reverente y agradecido en la literatura fundacional rioplatense de Ruy Díaz de Guzmán. In: Rilce-Revista De Filologia Hispanica, Vol. 36, No. 1: pp. 356-370

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In the context of migration and globalization of the Hispanic culture, and through it, of the most persistent myths and topics of European civilization, we find the work of the mestizo asunceno Ruy Diaz de Guzman Irala. The inclusion of the topic of the reverent and grateful lion will undergo a process of transculturation in the new Hispanic space and will be adapted to the historical circumstances, in which the confrontation with the other-represented by the indigenous people- reigns. We will compare the Hispanic-American text with El libro de los ejemplos by Clemente Sanchez de Vercial and Coronica del Cid Ruy Diaz, among others. The recontextualization of this topic in the Argentine pampas will serve as a means to exalt the Spanish feat in the Rio de la Plata area and the reintegration in the new geographic and social space will enable the depiction of a dichotomic vision (civilization and barbarism) imbued with a continuous tension.

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