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Afroz, Sanjida; Haque, M. M.; Haque, A. K. Fazlul; Jakubassa-Amundsen, D. H.; Patoary, M. Atiqur R.; Shorifuddoza, M.; Khandker, Mahmudul H. and Uddin, M. Alfaz (2020): Elastic scattering of electrons and positrons from In-115 atoms over the energy range 1 eV-0.5 GeV. In: Results in Physics, Vol. 18, 103179 [PDF, 4MB]


We present a theoretical study on the calculations of various cross sections related to the scattering of electrons and positrons from indium atoms. Our calculations cover the energy range 1 eV <= E-i <= 0.5 GeV. We have employed two approaches, applicable for two domains of energy, based on the Dirac partial-wave analysis. In one approach, we have used both the atomic and nuclear potentials to calculate the cross sections for the low and intermediate energies. The other approach, valid for the high-energy scattering, utilizes only the nuclear potential for the phase-shift analysis, and considers the magnetic scattering from the nucleus too. We report the calculations of differential, integral, momentum-transfer and viscosity cross sections along with the spin asymmetries for the elastic scattering of electrons and positrons. Moreover, we have analyzed the critical minima in the elastic differential cross sections, and also computed the absorption and total cross sections. Our results agree reasonably with the available experimental data and other calculations.

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