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Wathoni, Nasrul; An Ny, Nguyen; Rusdin, Agus; Umar, Abd Kakhar; Mohammed, Ahmed Fouad Abdelwahab; Motoyama, Keiichi; Joni, I. Made; Muchtaridi, Muchtaridi (2020): Enteric-Coated Strategies in Colorectal Cancer Nanoparticle Drug Delivery System. In: Drug Design Development and Therapy, Vol. 14: pp. 4387-4405
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancer diseases with the increase of cases prevalence >5% every year. Multidrug resistance mechanisms and non-localized therapy become primary problems of chemotherapy drugs for curing colorectal cancer disease. Therefore, the enteric-coated nanoparticle system has been studied and proved to be able to resolve those problems with good performance for colorectal cancer. The highlight of our review aims to summarize and discuss the enteric-coated nanoparticle drug delivery system specific for colorectal cancer disease. The main and supporting literatures were collected from published research articles of journals indexed in Scopus and PubMed databases. In the oral route of administration, Eudragit pH-sensitive copolymer as a coating agent prevents the degradation of the nanoparticle system from the gastric fluid and releases drug to intestinal-colon track. Therefore, it provides a colon-specific targeting ability. Impressively, enteric-coated nanoparticles having a sustained release profile significantly increase the cytotoxic effect of chemotherapeutic drugs and achieve cell-specific target delivery. The enteric-coated nanoparticle drug delivery system represents an excellent modification to improve the effectiveness and performance of anticancer drugs for colorectal cancer disease in terms of the oral route of administration.