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Grimme, Gesa; Kahanu, Noelle M. K. Y. and Schorch, Philipp (April 2022): Re-membering Hawai‘i. Provenienzforschung und Restitution als (post)koloniale Erinnerungsarbeit. In: Historische Anthropologie, Vol. 30, No. 1: pp. 33-56 [PDF, 263kB]


Material entities, mostly classified as “ethnographic objects” or “human remains”, held in German collections and museums still bear witness to the political, economic and scientific entanglements between Hawai‘i and Germany that emerged during the nineteenth century. Our article addresses the potential of (re)assembling and (re)activating these material and immaterial cultural connections – their re-membering – and argues for an understanding of engagement with these material presences and legacies through provenance research and restitution as future-orientated (post)colonial memory work.

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