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Schwab, Christiane (28. June 2021): Local publishing, local knowledge, local communication: the case of La Floresta Andaluza (Seville, 1843–1844). In: Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies, Vol. 27, No. 2: pp. 197-212
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This article investigates the multiple functions of a periodical as a format of knowledge produced by and for the educated population of a middle-sized Spanish town. Situated between media and knowledge history, the purpose of this study is twofold: First, it discusses the contents and editorial circumstances of La Floresta Andaluza. Secondly, it looks into the connections between media, knowledge, space, and social configurations by investigating the periodical as an agent of public communication that addresses (and makes up) its audience as a knowledge milieu and politically responsible group. As a consequence, the article contributes to a new understanding of media history from the periphery and explores the relationships between editorial activities, the production of knowledge, and sociopolitical transformations in nineteenth-century Spain.