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Norrefeldt, Victor; Mayer, Florian; Pathak, Arnav; Pschirer, Marie; Kienberger, Max; Lindner, Andreas; Johann, Sabine; Nagele-Renzl, Anna; Buschhaus, Michael; Grün, Gunnar (September 2022): USE OF THE FLIGHT TEST FACILITY MOCK-UPS IN THE EUROPEAN CLEAN SKY 2 PROGRAM. 33rd Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences, 4-9 September, 2022, Stockholm, Sweden.


The Clean Sky 2 program unites all major European players in the aeronautical sector to conduct research on future, more energy efficient aircrafts with lower environmental footprint. Besides technologies developments, the demonstration of technologies in dedicated test environments is a key element of this research program. The Fraunhofer Flight Test Facility is such a platform for technology demonstration. Located in Holzkirchen, south of Munich, it hosts several aircraft fuselage structures and allows for indoor environmental tests under realistic temperature, moisture and pressure conditions. In this paper, demonstrations performed within Clean Sky 2 are highlighted. These include an adaptive ECS system, environmentally friendly fire protection, model validation tests for ETOPS considerations and cleaning and disinfection demonstrations.