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Obermaier, Magdalena ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3055-3744 (2022): Youth on standby? Explaining adolescent and young adult bystanders’ intervention against online hate speech. In: New Media & Society [Forthcoming]

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Most adolescents and young adults frequently encounter hate speech online. Although online bystander intervention is essential to combating such hate, young bystanders may need support with initiating interventions online. Thus, to illuminate the factors of young bystanders’ intervention, we conducted a nationwide, quota-based, quantitative online survey of 1180 young adults in Germany. Among the results, perceived personal responsibility for combating online hate speech positively predicted online bystanders’ direct and indirect intervention. Moreover, frequent exposure to online hate speech was positively associated with bystander intervention, whereas, a perceived threat or low self-efficacy reduced the likelihood of intervention. Also, a greater acceptance of negative consequences and being educated about online hate speech through peers or campaigns all positively predicted some direct and indirect forms of online bystander intervention.

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