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Williams, Tracy A.; Burrello, Jacopo; Sechi, Leonardo A.; Fardella, Carlos E.; Matrozova, Joanna; Adolf, Christian; Baudrand, René; Bernardi, Stella; Beuschlein, Felix; Catena, Cristiana; Doumas, Michalis; Fallo, Francesco; Giacchetti, Gilberta; Heinrich, Daniel A.; Saint-Hilary, Gaëlle; Jansen, Pieter M.; Januszewicz, Andrzej; Kocjan, Tomaz; Nishikawa, Tetsuo; Quinkler, Marcus; Satoh, Fumitoshi; Umakoshi, Hironobu; Widimský, Jiří; Hahner, Stefanie; Douma, Stella; Stowasser, Michael; Mulatero, Paolo; Reincke, Martin (2018): Computed Tomography and Adrenal Venous Sampling in the Diagnosis of Unilateral Primary Aldosteronism. In: Hypertension, 72: pp. 641-649 [PDF, 717kB]

Williams, Tracy A.; Lenders, Jacques W. M.; Mulatero, Paolo; Burrello, Jacopo; Rottenkolber, Marietta; Adolf, Christian; Satoh, Fumitoshi; Amar, Laurence; Quinkler, Marcus; Deinum, Jaap; Beuschlein, Felix; Kitamoto, Kanako K.; Pham, Uyen; Morimoto, Ryo; Umakoshi, Hironobu; Prejbisz, Aleksander; Kocjan, Tomaz; Naruse, Mitsuhide; Stowasser, Michael; Nishikawa, Tetsuo; Young, William F. Jr.; Gomez-Sanchez, Celso E.; Funder, John W.; Reincke, Martin (2017): Outcomes after adrenalectomy for unilateral primary aldosteronism: an international consensus on outcome measures and analysis of remission rates in an international cohort. In: Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, Vol. 5, No. 9: pp. 689-699

Spyroglou, Ariadni; Adolf, Christian; Hahner, Stefanie; Quinkler, Marcus; Ladurner, Roland; Reincke, Martin; Beuschlein, Felix (2017): Changes in Body Mass Index in Pheochromocytoma Patients Following Adrenalectomy. In: Hormone and Metabolic Research, Vol. 49, No. 3: pp. 208-213

Braun, Leah T.; Zottmann, Jan M.; Adolf, Christian; Lottspeich, Christian; Then, Cornelia; Wirth, Stefan; Fischer, Martin R.; Schmidmaier, Ralf (2017): Representation scaffolds improve diagnostic efficiency in medical students. In: Medical Education, Vol. 51, No. 11: pp. 1118-1126

Arlt, Wiebke; Lang, Katharina; Sitch, Alice J.; Dietz, Anna S.; Rhayem, Yara; Bancos, Irina; Feuchtinger, Annette; Chortis, Vasileios; Gilligan, Lorna C.; Ludwig, Philippe; Riester, Anna; Asbach, Evelyn; Hughes, Beverly A.; O'Neil, Donna M.; Bidlingmaier, Martin; Tomlinson, Jeremy W.; Hassan-Smith, Zaki K.; Rees, D. Aled; Adolf, Christian; Hahner, Stefanie; Quinkler, Marcus; Dekkers, Tanja; Deinum, Jaap; Biehl, Michael; Keevil, Brian G.; Shackleton, Cedric Hl; Deeks, Jonathan J.; Walch, Axel K.; Beuschlein, Felix; Reincke, Martin (2017): Steroid metabolome analysis reveals prevalent glucocorticoid excess in primary aldosteronism. In: JCI insight, Vol. 2, No. 8, e93136 [PDF, 1MB]

Adolf, Christian; Asbach, Evelyn; Dietz, Anna Stephanie; Lang, Katharina; Hahner, Stefanie; Quinkler, Marcus; Rump, Lars Christian; Bidlingmaier, Martin; Treitl, Marcus; Ladurner, Roland; Beuschlein, Felix; Reincke, Martin (2016): Worsening of lipid metabolism after successful treatment of primary aldosteronism. In: Endocrine, Vol. 54, No. 1: pp. 198-205

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