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Harrouz, D. S.; de Sereville, N.; Adsley, P.; Hammache, F.; Longland, R.; Bastin, B.; Faestermann, T.; Hertenberger, R.; La Cognata, M.; Lamia, L.; Meyer, A.; Palmerini, S.; Pizzone, R. G.; Romano, S.; Tumino, A. and Wirth, H-F (2022): Experimental study of the Si-30(He-3, d) P-31 reaction and thermonuclear reaction rate of Si-30(p, gamma)( 3)1P. In: Physical Review C, Vol. 105, No. 1, 15805

Adsley, P.; Hammache, F.; Sereville, N. de; Alcindor, V.; Assie, M.; Beaumel, D.; Chabot, M.; Degerlier, M.; Delafosse, C.; Faestermann, T.; Flavigny, F.; Fox, S. P.; Garg, R.; Georgiadou, A.; Gillespie, S. A.; Guillot, J.; Guimaraes, V.; Gottardo, A.; Hertenberger, R.; Kiener, J.; Laird, A. M.; Lefebvre-Schuhl, A.; Matea, I.; Meyer, A.; Mahgoub, M.; Olivier, L.; Perrot, L.; Riley, J.; Sivacek, I.; Stefan, I.; Tatischeff, V. and Wirth, H.-F. (2021): Charged-particle branching ratios above the neutron threshold in F-19: Constraining N-15 production in core-collapse supernovae. In: Physical Review C, Vol. 103, No. 3, 35804

Kamil, M.; Triambak, S.; Magilligan, A.; Garcia, A.; Brown, B. A.; Adsley, P.; Bildstein, V.; Burbadge, C.; Varela, A. Diaz; Faestermann, T.; Garrett, P. E.; Hertenberger, R.; Kheswa, N. Y.; Leach, K. G.; Lindsay, R.; Marin-Lambarri, D. J.; Moradi, F. Ghazi; Mukwevho, N. J.; Neveling, R.; Ondze, J. C. Nzobadila; Papka, P.; Pellegri, L.; Pesudo, V.; Rebeiro, B. M.; Scheck, M.; Smit, F. D. and Wirth, H.-F. (2021): Isospin mixing and the cubic isobaric multiplet mass equation in the lowest T=2, A=32 quintet. In: Physical Review C, Vol. 104, No. 6, L061303

Rebeiro, B. M.; Triambak, S.; Garrett, P. E.; Brown, B. A.; Ball, G. C.; Lindsay, R.; Adsley, P.; Bildstein, V.; Burbadge, C.; Diaz-Varela, A.; Faestermann, T.; Hertenberger, R.; Jigmeddorj, B.; Kamil, M.; Leach, K. G.; Mabika, P. Z.; Ondze, J. C. Nzobadila; Orce, J. N.; Radich, A. and Wirth, H.-F. (2021): Spectroscopy of states in Ba-136 using the Ba-138(p, t) reaction. In: Physical Review C, Vol. 104, No. 3, 34309

Szwec, S. V.; Sharp, D. K.; Kay, B. P.; Freeman, S. J.; Schiffer, J. P.; Adsley, P.; Binnersley, C.; de Sereville, N.; Faestermann, T.; Ruiz, R. F. Garcia; Hammache, F.; Hertenberger, R.; Meyer, A.; Portail, C.; Stefan, I.; Vernon, A.; Wilkins, S. and Wirth, H.-F. (2021): Neutron occupancies and single-particle energies across the stable tin isotopes. In: Physical Review C, Vol. 104, No. 5, 54308

Adsley, P.; Brummer, J. W.; Faestermann, T.; Fox, S. P.; Hammache, F.; Hertenberger, R.; Meyer, A.; Neveling, R.; Seiler, D.; Sereville, N. de and Wirth, H. -F. (2018): High-resolution study of levels in the astrophysically important nucleus Mg-26 and resulting updated level assignments. In: Physical Review C, Vol. 97, No. 4, 45807

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