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Journal article

Koessinger, Dominik; Albrecht, Valerie; Faber, Florian; Jaehnert, Irene; Schichor, Christian (2018): ETS-1 Expression Is Hypoxia-independent in Glioblastoma-derived Endothelial and Mesenchymal Stem-like Cells. In: Anticancer Research, Vol. 38, No. 6: pp. 3347-3355

Schnell, Oliver; Albrecht, Valerie; Pfirrmann, David; Eigenbrod, Sabina; Krebs, Bjarne; Romagna, Alexander; Siller, Sebastian; Giese, Armin; Tonn, Jörg-Christian; Schichor, Christian (2018): MGMT promoter methylation is not correlated with integrin expression in malignant gliomas: clarifying recent clinical trial results. In: Medical Oncology, Vol. 35, No. 7, 103

Thorsteinsdottir, Jun; Stangl, Stefan; Fu, Peng; Guo, Ketai; Albrecht, Valerie; Eigenbrod, Sabina; Erl, Janina; Gehrmann, Mathias; Tonn, Jörg-Christian; Multhoff, Gabriele; Schichor, Christian (2017): Overexpression of cytosolic, plasma membrane bound and extracellular heat shock protein 70 (Hsp70) in primary glioblastomas. In: Journal of Neuro-Oncology, Vol. 135, No. 3: pp. 443-452

Kinzel, Linda; Ernst, Anne; Orth, Michael; Albrecht, Valerie; Hennel, Roman; Brix, Nikko; Frey, Benjamin; Gaipl, Udo S.; Zuchtriegel, Gabriele; Reichel, Christoph A.; Blutke, Andreas; Schilling, Daniela; Multhoff, Gabriele; Li, Minglun; Niyazi, Maximilian; Friedl, Anna A.; Winssinger, Nicolas; Belka, Claus; Lauber, Kirsten (2016): A novel HSP90 inhibitor with reduced hepatotoxicity synergizes with radiotherapy to induce apoptosis, abrogate clonogenic survival, and improve tumor control in models of colorectal cancer. In: Oncotarget, Vol. 7, No. 28: pp. 43199-43219

Albrecht, Valerie; Richter, Antonia; Pfeiffer, Sarah; Gebauer, Michaela; Lindner, Simon; Gieser, Eugenie; Schüller, Ulrich; Schichor, Christian; Gildehaus, Franz Josef; Bartenstein, Peter; Tonn, Joerg-Christian; Skerra, Arne; Glass, Rainer (2016): Anticalins directed against the fibronectin extra domain B as diagnostic tracers for glioblastomas. In: International Journal of Cancer, Vol. 138, No. 5: pp. 1269-1280

Bordag, Natalie; Klie, Sebastian; Juerchott, Kathrin; Vierheller, Janine; Schiewe, Hajo; Albrecht, Valerie; Tonn, Jörg-Christian; Schwartz, Christoph; Schichor, Christian; Selbig, Joachim (2015): Glucocorticoid (dexamethasone)-induced metabolome changes in healthy males suggest prediction of response and side effects. In: Scientific Reports, Vol. 5, 15954 [PDF, 1MB]

Schnell, Oliver; Romagna, Alexander; Jaehnert, Irene; Albrecht, Valerie; Eigenbrod, Sabina; Juerchott, Kathrin; Kretzschmar, Hans; Tonn, Jörg-Christian; Schichor, Christian (2012): Krüppel-like factor 8 (KLF8) is expressed in gliomas of different WHO grades and is essential for tumor cell proliferation.
In: PLOS ONE 7(1), e30429 [PDF, 2MB]

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