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Shochat, Susana, Arlt, Thomas, Francke, Christof, Gast, Peter, Noort, Paula I. van, Otte, Stephan C. M., Schelvis, Hans P. M., Schmidt, Stefan, Vijgenboom, Erik, Zinth, Wolfgang and Hoff, Arnold J. (4. November 1994): Spectroscopic characterization of reaction centers of the (M)Y210W mutant of the photosynthetic bacterium Rhodobacter sphaeroides. In: Photosynthesis Research, Nr. 40: S. 55-66 [PDF, 1MB]

Scherer, P. O. J., Fischer, S. F., Lancaster, C. R. D., Fritsch, G., Schmidt, Stefan, Arlt, Thomas, Dressler, K. and Zinth, Wolfgang (10. Juni 1994): Time-resolved spectroscopy of the excited electronic state of reaction centers of Rhodopseudomonas viridis. In: Chemical Physics Letters, Nr. 223: S. 110-115 [PDF, 588kB]

Schmidt, Stefan, Arlt, Thomas, Hamm, P., Huber, H., Nägele, T., Wachtveitl, J., Meyer, M., Scheer, Hugo and Zinth, Wolfgang (1994): Energetics of the primary electron transfer reaction revealed by ultrafast spectroscopy on modified bacterial reaction centers. In: Chemical Physics Letters, Vol. 223, Nr. 1-2: S. 116-120 [PDF, 428kB]

Schmidt, Stefan, Arlt, Thomas, Hamm, P., Lauterwasser, Christoph, Finkele, Ulrich, Drews, G. and Zinth, Wolfgang (4. Oktober 1993): Time-resolved spectroscopy of the primary photosynthetic processes of membrane-bound reaction centers from an antenna-deficient mutant of Rhodobacter capsulatus. In: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Bioenergetics, Nr. 1144: S. 385-390 [PDF, 526kB]

Arlt, Thomas, Schmidt, Stefan, Kaiser, Wolfgang, Lauterwasser, Christoph, Meyer, M., Scheer, Hugo and Zinth, Wolfgang (1993): The accessory bacteriochlorophyll. a real electron carrier in primary photosynthesis. In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America, Vol. 90, Nr. 24: S. 11757-11761 [PDF, 871kB]

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