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Springe zu: 1993 | 1985
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Scheer, Hugo; Struck, A. (1993): Bacterial reaction centers with modified tetrapyrrole chromophores. In: Deisenhofer, J. (Hrsg.): The photosynthetic reaction center. Bd. 1. San Diego u.a.: Academic Press. S. 157-193 [PDF, 3MB]

Zinth, Wolfgang; Kaiser, Wolfgang (1993): Time-resolved spectroscopy of the primary electron transfer in reaction centers of Rhodobacter sphaeroides and Rhodopseudomonas viridis. In: Deisenhofer, J.; Norris, J.R. (Hrsg.): The Photosynthetic Reaction Center. Bd. 2. San Diego: Academic Press. S. 71-88


Knapp, E. W.; Fischer, S. F.; Zinth, Wolfgang; Sander, M.; Kaiser, Wolfgang; Deisenhofer, J.; Michel, H. (Dezember 1985): Analysis of optical spectra from single crystals of Rhodopseudomonas viridis reaction centers. In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Nr. 82: S. 8463-8467 [PDF, 915kB]

Zinth, Wolfgang; Knapp, E. W.; Fischer, S. F.; Kaiser, Wolfgang; Deisenhofer, J.; Michel, H. (23. August 1985): Correlation of structural and spectroscopic properties of a photosynthetic reaction center. In: Chemical Physics Letters, Nr. 119: S. 1-4 [PDF, 347kB]

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