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Journal article

Jäkel, Sarah; Dimou, Leda (February 2017): Glial Cells and Their Function in the Adult Brain: A Journey through the History of Their Ablation. In: Frontiers in cellular neuroscience, Vol. 11, 24 [PDF, 2MB]

Schludi, Martin H.; Becker, Lore; Garrett, Lillian; Gendron, Tania F.; Zhou, Qihui; Schreiber, Franziska; Popper, Bastian; Dimou, Leda; Strom, Tim M.; Winkelmann, Juliane; Thaden, Anne von; Rentzsch, Kristin; May, Stephanie; Michaelsen, Meike; Schwenk, Benjamin M.; Tan, Jing; Schoser, Benedikt; Dieterich, Marianne; Petrucelli, Leonard; Hölter, Sabine M.; Wurst, Wolfgang; Fuchs, Helmut; Gailus-Durner, Valerie; Hrabe de Angelis, Martin; Klopstock, Thomas; Arzberger, Thomas; Edbauer, Dieter (2017): Spinal poly-GA inclusions in a C9orf72 mouse model trigger motor deficits and inflammation without neuron loss. In: Acta Neuropathologica, Vol. 134, No. 2: pp. 241-254

Fard, Maryam K.; Meer, Franziska van der; Sanchez, Paula; Cantuti-Castelvetri, Ludovico; Mandad, Sunit; Jaekel, Sarah; Fornasiero, Eugenio F.; Schmitt, Sebastian; Ehrlich, Marc; Starost, Laura; Kuhlmann, Tanja; Sergiou, Christina; Schultz, Verena; Wrzos, Claudia; Brueck, Wolfgang; Urlaub, Henning; Dimou, Leda; Stadelmann, Christine; Simons, Mikael (2017): BCAS1 expression defines a population of early myelinating oligodendrocytes in multiple sclerosis lesions. In: Science Translational Medicine, Vol. 9, No. 419, eaam7816

Hagemeyer, Nora; Hanft, Klara-Maria; Akriditou, Maria-Anna; Unger, Nicole; Park, Eun S.; Stanley, E. Richard; Staszewski, Ori; Dimou, Leda; Prinz, Marco (2017): Microglia contribute to normal myelinogenesis and to oligodendrocyte progenitor maintenance during adulthood. In: Acta Neuropathologica, Vol. 134, No. 3: pp. 441-458

Bonfanti, Elisabetta; Gelosa, Paolo; Fumagalli, Marta; Dimou, Leda; Vigano, Francesca; Tremoli, Elena; Cimino, Mauro; Sironi, Luigi; Abbracchio, Maria P. (2017): The role of oligodendrocyte precursor cells expressing the GPR17 receptor in brain remodeling after stroke. In: Cell Death & Disease, Vol. 8, e2871

Tognatta, Reshmi; Sun, Wenjing; Goebbels, Sandra; Nave, Klaus-Armin; Nishiyama, Akiko; Schoch, Susanne; Dimou, Leda; Dietrich, Dirk (2017): Transient Cnp Expression by Early Progenitors Causes Cre-Lox-based Reporter Lines to Map Profoundly Different Fates. In: Glia, Vol. 65, No. 2: pp. 342-359

Djogo, Tina; Robins, Sarah C.; Schneider, Sarah; Kryzskaya, Darya; Liu, Xiaohong; Mingay, Andrew; Gillon, Colleen J.; Kim, Joo Hyun; Storch, Kai-Florian; Boehm, Ulrich; Bourque, Charles W.; Stroh, Thomas; Dimou, Leda; Kokoeva, Maia V. (2016): Adult NG2-Glia Are Required for Median Eminence-Mediated Leptin Sensing and Body Weight Control. In: Cell Metabolism, Vol. 23, No. 5: pp. 797-810

Falkner, Susanne; Grade, Sofia; Dimou, Leda; Conzelmann, Karl-Klaus; Bonhoeffer, Tobias; Götz, Magdalena; Hübener, Mark (2016): Transplanted embryonic neurons integrate into adult neocortical circuits. In: Nature, Vol. 539, No. 7628: pp. 248-253

Vigano, Francesca; Schneider, Sarah; Cimino, Mauro; Bonfanti, Elisabetta; Gelosa, Paolo; Sironi, Luigi; Abbracchio, Maria P.; Dimou, Leda (2016): GPR17 Expressing NG2-Glia: Oligodendrocyte Progenitors Serving as a Reserve Pool After Injury. In: Glia, Vol. 64, No. 2: pp. 287-299

Schneider, Sarah; Gruart, Agnès; Grade, Sofia; Zhang, Yina; Kröger, Stephan; Kirchhoff, Frank; Eichele, Gregor; Delgado Garcia, José M.; Dimou, Leda (2016): Decrease in Newly Generated Oligodendrocytes Leads to Motor Dysfunctions and Changed Myelin Structures that can be Rescued by Transplanted Cells. In: Glia, Vol. 64, No. 12: pp. 2201-2218

Sakry, Dominik; Yigit, Hatice; Dimou, Leda; Trotter, Jacqueline (2015): Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cells Synthesize Neuromodulatory Factors.
In: PLOS ONE 10(5), e0127222 [PDF, 7MB]

Heinrich, Christophe; Bergami, Matteo; Gascon, Sergio; Lepier, Alexandra; Vigano, Francesca; Dimou, Leda; Sutor, Bernd; Berninger, Benedikt; Götz, Magdalena (2014): Sox2-Mediated Conversion of NG2 Glia into Induced Neurons in the Injured Adult Cerebral Cortex. In: Stem Cell Reports, Vol. 3, No. 6: pp. 1000-1014 [PDF, 6MB]

Book Section

Eugenín-von Bernhardi, Jaime; Dimou, Leda (2016): NG2-glia, More Than Progenitor Cells. In: Bernhardi, Rommy von (ed.) : Glial Cells in Health and Disease of the CNS. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, Vol. 949. Cham: Springer. pp. 27-45

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