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Journal article

Ederle, Helena; Dormann, Dorothee (2017): TDP-43 and FUS en route from the nucleus to the cytoplasm. In: Febs Letters, Vol. 591, No. 11: pp. 1489-1507

Scekic-Zahirovic, Jelena; El Oussini, Hajer; Mersmann, Sina; Drenner, Kevin; Wagner, Marina; Sun, Ying; Allmeroth, Kira; Dieterle, Stephane; Sinniger, Jerome; Dirrig-Grosch, Sylvie; Rene, Frederique; Dormann, Dorothee; Haass, Christian; Ludolph, Albert C.; Lagier-Tourenne, Clotilde; Storkebaum, Erik; Dupuis, Luc (2017): Motor neuron intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms contribute to the pathogenesis of FUS-associated amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. In: Acta Neuropathologica, Vol. 133, No. 6: pp. 887-906

Khosravi, Bahram; Hartmann, Hannelore; May, Stephanie; Möhl, Christoph; Ederle, Helena; Michaelsen, Meike; Schludi, Martin H.; Dormann, Dorothee; Edbauer, Dieter (2017): Cytoplasmic poly-GA aggregates impair nuclear import of TDP-43 in C9orf72 ALS/FTLD. In: Human Molecular Genetics, Vol. 26, No. 4: pp. 790-800

Dormann, Dorothee (2016): FUScinating insights into motor neuron degeneration. In: Embo Journal, Vol. 35, No. 10: pp. 1015-1017

Hutten, Saskia; Dormann, Dorothee (2016): hnRNPA2/B1 Function in Neurodegeneration: It's a Gain, Not a Loss. In: Neuron, Vol. 92, No. 4: pp. 672-674

Bowden, Hilary A.; Dormann, Dorothee (2016): Altered mRNP granule dynamics in FTLD pathogenesis. In: Journal of Neurochemistry, Vol. 138: pp. 112-133

Suárez-Calvet, Marc; Neumann, Manuela; Arzberger, Thomas; Abou-Ajram, Claudia; Funk, Eva; Hartmann, Hannelore; Edbauer, Dieter; Kremmer, Elisabeth; Göbl, Christoph; Resch, Moritz; Bourgeois, Benjamin; Madl, Tobias; Reber, Stefan; Jutzi, Daniel; Ruepp, Marc-David; Mackenzie, Ian R. A.; Ansorge, Olaf; Dormann, Dorothee; Haass, Christian (2016): Monomethylated and unmethylated FUS exhibit increased binding to Transportin and distinguish FTLD-FUS from ALS-FUS. In: Acta Neuropathologica, Vol. 131, No. 4: pp. 587-604

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