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Benmebarek, Mohamed-Reda; Cadilha, Bruno L.; Herrmann, Monika; Lesch, Stefanie; Schmitt, Saskia; Stoiber, Stefan; Darwich, Abbass; Augsberger, Christian; Brauchle, Bettina; Rohrbacher, Lisa; Oner, Arman; Seifert, Matthias; Schwerdtfeger, Melanie; Gottschlich, Adrian; Rataj, Felicitas; Fenn, Nadja C.; Klein, Christian; Subklewe, Marion; Endres, Stefan; Hopfner, Karl-Peter ORCID: 0000-0002-4528-8357; Kobold, Sebastian (2021): A modular and controllable T cell therapy platform for acute myeloid leukemia. In: Leukemia [PDF, 5MB]

Kruger, Stephan F.; Cadilha, Bruno L.; Bergwelt‐Baildon, Michael von; Endres, Stefan; Kobold, Sebastian (2020): Challenges in Clinical Trial Design for T Cell‐Based Cancer Immunotherapy. In: Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Vol. 107, No. 1: pp. 47-49 [PDF, 236kB]

Metzger, Philipp; Kirchleitner, Sabrina V.; Boehmer, Daniel F. R.; Hörth, Christine; Eisele, Angelika; Ormanns, Steffen; Gunzer, Matthias; Lech, Maciej; Lauber, Kirsten; Endres, Stefan; Duewell, Peter; Schnurr, Max; König, Lars M. (2020): Systemic but not MDSC-specific IRF4 deficiency promotes an immunosuppressed tumor microenvironment in a murine pancreatic cancer model. In: Cancer immunology, immunotherapy : CII, Vol. 69: pp. 2101-2112 [PDF, 1MB]

Dotsch, Jorg; Endres, Stefan (2018): Editorial. In: Drug Research, Vol. 68, No. S 01: S2

Kühnemuth, Benjamin; Piseddu, Ignazio; Wiedemann, Gabriela M.; Lauseker, Michael; Kuhn, Christina; Hofmann, Simone; Schmoeckel, Elisa; Endres, Stefan; Mayr, Doris; Jeschke, Udo; Anz, David (2018): CCL1 is a major regulatory T cell attracting factor in human breast cancer. In: BMC Cancer :18:1278 [PDF, 914kB]

Mak'Anyengo, Rachel; Duewell, Peter; Reichl, Cornelia; Hoerth, Christine; Lehr, Hans-Anton; Fischer, Sandra; Clavel, Thomas; Denk, Gerald; Hohenester, Simon; Kobold, Sebastian; Endres, Stefan; Schnurr, Max; Bauer, Christian (2018): Nlrp3-dependent IL-1β inhibits CD103+ dendritic cell differentiation in the gut. In: Jci Insight, Vol. 3, No. 5, e96322

Rataj, Felicitas; Kraus, Fabian B. T.; Chaloupka, Michael; Grassmann, Simon; Heise, Constanze; Cadilha, Bruno L.; Duewell, Peter; Endres, Stefan; Kobold, Sebastian (2018): PD1-CD28 Fusion Protein Enables CD4+ T Cell Help for Adoptive T Cell Therapy in Models of Pancreatic Cancer and Non-hodgkin Lymphoma. In: Frontiers in Immunology, Vol. 9, 1955 [PDF, 600kB]

Metzger, Philipp; Kirchleitner, Sabrina V.; König, Lars M.; Hörth, Christine; Kobold, Sebastian; Endres, Stefan; Schnurr, Max; Duewell, Peter (2018): Dying cells expose a nuclear antigen cross-reacting with anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibodies. In: Scientific Reports, Vol. 8, 8810 [PDF, 4MB]

Falkai, Peter ORCID: 0000-0003-2873-8667; Endres, Stefan (2017): Editorial. In: Drug Research, Vol. 67: S2-S2

Voigt, Cornelia; May, Peter; Gottschlich, Adrian; Markota, Anamarija; Wenk, Daniel; Gerlach, Inga; Voigt, Sebastian; Stathopoulos, Georgios T.; Arendt, Kristina A. M.; Heise, Constanze; Rataj, Felicitas; Janssen, Klaus-Peter; Königshoff, Melanie; Winter, Hauke; Himsl, Isabelle; Thasler, Wolfgang E.; Schnurr, Max; Rothenfußer, Simon; Endres, Stefan; Kobold, Sebastian (2017): Cancer cells induce interleukin-22 production from memory CD4(+) T cells via interleukin-1 to promote tumor growth. In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol. 114, No. 49: pp. 12994-12999

Heidegger, Simon; Gößl, Dorothée; Schmidt, Alexandra; Niedermayer, Stefan; Argyo, Christian; Endres, Stefan; Bein, Thomas; Bourquin, Carole (2016): Immune response to functionalized mesoporous silica nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery. In: Nanoscale, Vol. 8, No. 2: pp. 938-948 [PDF, 2MB]

Tufman, Amanda; Huber, Rudolf Maria; Volk, Stefanie; Aigner, Frederic; Edelmann, Martin; Gamarra, Fernando; Kiefl, Rosemarie; Kahnert, Kathrin; Tian, Fei; Boulesteix, Anne-Laure; Endres, Stefan; Kobold, Sebastian (2016): Interleukin-22 is elevated in lavage from patients with lung cancer and other pulmonary diseases. In: BMC Cancer, Vol. 16: p. 409

Endres, Stefan (2016): 50 Jahre Fortschritte in der Arzneimitteltherapie – Rückblick und Ausblick. In: Drug Research, Vol. 66: S4-S4

Hoffmann, Franziska; Endres, Stefan; Rothenfusser, Simon (2016): Reply: Polymorphisms in Melanoma Differentiation-Associated Gene 5 Are Not Associated With Clearance of Hepatitis C Virus in a European American Population. In: Hepatology, Vol. 63, No. 3: pp. 1062-1063

Wiedemann, Gabriela Maria; Knott, Max Martin Ludwig; Vetter, Viola Katharina; Rapp, Moritz; Haubner, Sascha; Fesseler, Julia; Kühnemuth, Benjamin; Layritz, Patrick; Thaler, Raffael; Kruger, Stephan; Ormanns, Steffen; Mayr, Doris; Endres, Stefan; Anz, David (2016): Cancer cell-derived IL-1 induces CCL22 and the recruitment of regulatory T cells. In: Oncoimmunology, Vol. 5, No. 9, e1175794

Freier, Christoph P.; Kuhn, Christina; Endres, Stefan; Mayr, Doris; Friese, Klaus; Jeschke, Udo; Anz, David (2016): FOXP3(+) Cells Recruited by CCL22 into Breast Cancer Correlates with Less Tumor Nodal Infiltration. In: Anticancer Research, Vol. 36, No. 6: pp. 3139-3145

Rapp, Moritz; Grassmann, Simon; Chaloupka, Michael; Layritz, Patrick; Kruger, Stephan; Ormanns, Steffen; Rataj, Felicitas; Janssen, Klaus-Peter; Endres, Stefan; Anz, David; Kobold, Sebastian (2016): C-C chemokine receptor type-4 transduction of T cells enhances interaction with dendritic cells, tumor infiltration and therapeutic efficacy of adoptive T cell transfer. In: Oncoimmunology, Vol. 5, No. 3, e1105428

Wiedemann, Gabriela Maria; Jacobi, Severin Johannes; Chaloupka, Michael; Krächan, Angelina; Hamm, Svetlana; Strobl, Stefan; Baumgartner, Roland; Rothenfusser, Simon; Duewell, Peter; Endres, Stefan; Kobold, Sebastian (2016): A novel TLR7 agonist reverses NK cell anergy and cures RMA-S lymphoma-bearing mice. In: Oncoimmunology, Vol. 5, No. 7, e1189051

Heidegger, Simon; Jarosch, Alexander; Schmickl, Martina; Endres, Stefan; Bourquin, Carole; Hotz, Christian (2015): Mycoplasma hyorhinis-Contaminated Cell Lines Activate Primary Innate Immune Cells via a Protease-Sensitive Factor.
In: PLOS ONE 10(11), e0142523 [PDF, 705kB]

Hermans, Cecilia; Anz, David; Engel, Jutta; Kirchner, Thomas; Endres, Stefan; Mayr, Doris (2014): Analysis of FoxP3+T-Regulatory Cells and CD8+T-Cells in Ovarian Carcinoma: Location and Tumor Infiltration Patterns Are Key Prognostic Markers.
In: PLOS ONE 9(11), e111757 [PDF, 2MB]

Kobold, Sebastian; Völk, Stefanie; Clauditz, Till; Küpper, Natascha Jennifer; Minner, Sarah; Tufman, Amanda; Düwell, Peter; Lindner, Michael; Koch, Ina; Heidegger, Simon; Rothenfußer, Simon; Schnurr, Max; Huber, Rudolf Maria; Wilczak, Waldemar; Endres, Stefan (August 2013): Interleukin-22 Is Frequently Expressed in Small- and Large-Cell Lung Cancer and Promotes Growth in Chemotherapy-Resistant Cancer Cells. In: Journal of Thoracic Oncology, Vol. 8, No. 8: pp. 1032-1042 [PDF, 1MB]

Rieder, Florian; Siegmund, Britta; Bundschuh, Daniela S.; Lehr, Hans-Anton; Endres, Stefan; Eigler, Andreas (2013): The selective phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitor roflumilast and phosphodiesterase 3/4 inhibitor pumafentrine reduce clinical score and TNF expression in experimental colitis in mice.
In: PLOS ONE 8(2), e56867 [PDF, 532kB]

Bauer, Christian; Düwell, Peter; Lehr, Hans-Anton; Endres, Stefan; Schnurr, Max (2012): Protective and Aggravating Effects of Nlrp3 Inflammasome Activation in IBD Models: Influence of Genetic and Environmental Factors. In: Digestive Diseases, No. 1: pp. 82-90 [PDF, 331kB]

Lech, Maciej; Kantner, Claudia; Kulkarni, Onkar P.; Ryu, Mi; Vlasova, Ekaterina; Heesemann, Jürgen; Anz, David; Endres, Stefan; Kobayashi, Koichi S.; Flavell, Richard A.; Martin, Javier; Anders, Hans-Joachim (December 2011): Interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase-M suppresses systemic lupus erythematosus. In: Annals of the rheumatic diseases, Vol. 70, No. 12: pp. 2207-17 [PDF, 778kB]

Bauer, Christian; Düwell, Peter; Mayer, Christine; Lehr, Hans Anton; Fitzgerald, Katherine A.; Dauer, Marc; Tschopp, Jurg; Endres, Stefan; Latz, Eicke; Schnurr, Max (2010): Colitis induced in mice with dextran sulfate sodium (DSS) is mediated by the NLRP3 inflammasome. In: Gut, Vol. 59, No. 9: pp. 1192-1199 [PDF, 479kB]

Bauer, Christian Alexander; Bauernfeind, Franz; Sterzik, Alexander; Orban, Martin; Schnurr, Maximilian; Lehr, H.A.; Endres, Stefan; Eigler, Andreas; Dauer, Marc (2006): Dendritic cell-based vaccination combined with gemcitabine increases survival in a murine pancreatic carcinoma model. In: Gut, Vol. 56, No. 9: pp. 1-18 [PDF, 430kB]

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