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Wei, Yuanyuan; Corbalan-Campos, Judit; Gurung, Rashmi; Natarelli, Lucia; Zhu, Mengyu; Exner, Nicole; Erhard, Florian; Greulich, Franziska; Geiler, Claudia; Uhlenhaut, N. Henriette; Zimmer, Ralf; Schober, Andreas (2018): Dicer in Macrophages Prevents Atherosclerosis by Promoting Mitochondrial Oxidative Metabolism. In: Circulation, Vol. 138, No. 18: pp. 2007-2020 [PDF, 7kB]

Hennig, Thomas; Michalski, Marco; Rutkowski, Andrzej J.; Djakovic, Lara; Whisnant, Adam W.; Friedl, Marie-Sophie; Jha, Bhaskar Anand; Baptista, Marisa A. P.; L'Hernault, Anne; Erhard, Florian; Doelken, Lars; Friedel, Caroline C. (2018): HSV-1-induced disruption of transcription termination resembles a cellular stress response but selectively increases chromatin accessibility downstream of genes.
In: PLOS Pathogens 14(3), e1006954 [PDF, 11MB]

Erhard, Florian; Halenius, Anne; Zimmermann, Cosima; L'Hernault, Anne; Kowalewski, Daniel J.; Weekes, Michael P.; Stevanovic, Stefan; Zimmer, Ralf; Doelken, Lars (2018): Improved Ribo-seq enables identification of cryptic translation events. In: Nature Methods, Vol. 15, No. 5: pp. 363-366

Glaser, Laura V.; Rieger, Simone; Thumann, Sybille; Beer, Sophie; Kuklik-Roos, Cornelia; Martin, Dietmar E.; Maier, Kerstin C.; Harth-Hertle, Marie L.; Grüning, Björn; Backofen, Rolf; Krebs, Stefan; Blum, Helmut; Zimmer, Ralf; Erhard, Florian; Kempkes, Bettina (2017): EBF1 binds to EBNA2 and promotes the assembly of EBNA2 chromatin complexes in B cells.
In: PLOS Pathogens 13(10), e1006664 [PDF, 8MB]

Erhard, Florian; Zimmer, Ralf (2015): Count ratio model reveals bias affecting NGS fold changes. In: Nucleic Acids Research, Vol. 43, No. 20, e136 [PDF, 1MB]

Rutkowski, Andrzej J.; Erhard, Florian; L'Hernault, Anne; Bonfert, Thomas; Schilhabel, Markus; Crump, Colin; Rosenstiel, Philip; Efstathiou, Stacey; Zimmer, Ralf; Friedel, Caroline C.; Dölken, Lars (2015): Widespread disruption of host transcription termination in HSV-1 infection. In: Nature Communications, Vol. 6, 7126 [PDF, 1MB]

Erhard, Florian; Doelken, Lars; Jaskiewicz, Lukasz; Zimmer, Ralf (2013): PARma: identification of microRNA target sites in AGO-PAR-CLIP data. In: Genome Biology 14:R79 [PDF, 3MB]

Marcinowski, Lisa; Tanguy, Mélanie; Krmpotic, Astrid; Rädle, Bernd; Lisnić, Vanda J.; Tuddenham, Lee; Chane-Woon-Ming, Béatrice; Ruzsics, Zsolt; Erhard, Florian; Benkartek, Corinna; Babic, Marina; Zimmer, Ralf; Trgovcich, Joanne; Koszinowski, Ulrich H.; Jonjic, Stipan; Pfeffer, Sébastien; Dölken, Lars (February 2012): Degradation of cellular mir-27 by a novel, highly abundant viral transcript is important for efficient virus replication in vivo.
In: PLOS Pathogens 8(2), e1002510 [PDF, 1MB]

Erhard, Florian; Friedel, Caroline C.; Zimmer, Ralf (2008): FERN - a Java framework for stochastic simulation and evaluation of reaction networks. In: BMC Bioinformatics 9:356 [PDF, 546kB]

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