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Hall, E. J.; Kellerer, Albrecht M. und Friede, H. (1982): Dependence on neutron energy of the OER and RBE. In: International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, Vol. 8: S. 1567-1572 [PDF, 897kB]

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Kellerer, Albrecht M.; Hall, E. J.; Rossi, H. H. und Teedla, P. (1976): RBE as a function of neutron energy. II. Statistical analysis. In: Radiation research, Vol. 65: S. 172-186 [PDF, 2MB]

Hall, E. J.; Novak, J. K.; Kellerer, Albrecht M.; Rossi, H. H.; Marino, S. und Goodman, L. J. (1975): RBE as a function of neutron energy. I. Experimenatal observations. In: Radiation Research, Vol. 64: S. 245-255 [PDF, 1MB]

Hall, E. J.; Rossi, H. H.; Kellerer, Albrecht M.; Goodman, L. J. und Marino, S. (1973): Radiobiological studies with monoenergetic neutrons. In: Radiation Research, Vol. 54, Nr. 3: S. 431-443 [PDF, 518kB]

Rossi, H. H.; Hall, E. J. und Kellerer, Albrecht M. (1973): Biophysical factors in brachytherapy with low- and high-LET radiations. In: Radiology, Vol. 107: S. 645-649 [PDF, 849kB]

Hall, E. J. und Kellerer, Albrecht M. (1973): The biophysical Properties of 3.9-GeV nitrogen ions. III. OER RBE determinations using Vicia seedlings. In: Radiation research, Vol. 55, Nr. 3: S. 422-430 [PDF, 1MB]

Hall, E. J.; Gross, W.; Dvorak, R. F.; Kellerer, Albrecht M. und Rossi, H. H. (1972): Survival curves and age response functions for chinese hamster cells exposed to X-rays or high LET alpha-particles. In: Radiation Research, Vol. 52, Nr. 1: S. 88-98 [PDF, 1MB]


Hall, E. J. und Kellerer, Albrecht M. (1979): Review of RBE Data for cells in culture. Meeting on Fundamental and Practical Aspects of the Application of Fast Neutrons and Other High-LET Particles in Clinical Radiotherapy, 13-15 September 1978, The Hague, Netherlands. [PDF, 861kB]

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