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Springe zu: 1983 | 1982
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Hens, Luc; Baumann, Hella; Cremer, Thomas; Sutter, Axel; Cornelis, Jan J.; Cremer, Christoph (1983): Immunocytochemical localization of chromatin regions UV-microirradiated in S phase or anaphase : Evidence for a territorial organization of chromosomes during cell cycle of cultured Chinese hamster cells. In: Experimental Cell Research, Vol. 149: S. 257-269 [PDF, 7MB]

Cremer, Christoph; Cremer, Thomas; Hens, Luc; Baumann, Hella; Cornelis, Jan J.; Nakanishi, K. (1983): UV micro-irradiation of the Chinese hamster cell nucleus and caffeine post-treatment immunocytochemical localization of DNA photolesions in cells with partial and generalized chromosome shattering. In: Mutation Research, Vol. 107, Nr. 2: S. 165-176 [PDF, 1MB]


Cremer, Thomas; Cremer, Christoph; Schneider, T.; Baumann, Hella; Hens, Luc; Kirsch-Volders, M. (1982): Analysis of chromosome positions in the interphase nucleus of Chinese hamster cells by laser-UV-microirradiation experiments. In: Human Genetics, Vol. 62, Nr. 3: S. 201-209 [PDF, 1MB]

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