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Islam, Sheikh Mohammed Shariful; Peiffer, Ralph; Chow, Clara K.; Maddison, Ralph; Lechner, Andreas; Holle, Rolf; Niessen, Louis and Laxy, Michael (2020): Cost-effectiveness of a mobile-phone text messaging intervention on type 2 diabetes-A randomized-controlled trial. In: Health Policy and Technology, Vol. 9, No. 1: pp. 79-85


Islam, Sheikh Mohammed Shariful; Farmer, Andrew J.; Bobrow, Kirsten; Maddison, Ralph; Whittaker, Robyn; Dale, Leila Anne Pfaeffli; Lechner, Andreas; Lear, Scott; Eapen, Zubin; Niessen, Louis Wilhelmus; Santo, Karla; Stepien, Sandrine; Redfern, Julie; Rodgers, Anthony; Chow, Clara K.; Thiagalingam, Aravinda and Bobrow, Kirsty (2019): Mobile phone text-messaging interventions aimed to prevent cardiovascular diseases (Text2PreventCVD): systematic review and individual patient data meta-analysis. In: Open Heart, Vol. 6, No. 2, UNSP e001017 [PDF, 619kB]


Tabassum, Reshman; Fröschl, Günter; Cruz, Jonas P.; Colet, Paolo C.; Dey, Sukhen and Islam, Sheikh Mohammed Shariful (2018): Untapped aspects of mass media campaigns for changing health behaviour towards non-communicable diseases in Bangladesh. In: Globalization and Health 14:7 [PDF, 365kB]


Islam, Md. Serajul; Hussain, Md. Altaf; Islam, Saimul; Mahumud, Rashidul Alam; Biswas, Tuhin and Islam, Sheikh Mohammed Shariful (2017): Age at menarche and its socioeconomic determinants among female students in an urban area in Bangladesh. In: Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare, Vol. 12: pp. 88-92

Islam, Sheikh Mohammed Shariful; Lechner, Andreas; Ferrari, Uta; Laxy, Michael; Seissler, Jochen; Brown, Jonathan; Niessen, Louis W. and Holle, Rolf (2017): Healthcare use and expenditure for diabetes in Bangladesh. In: BMJ Global Health, Vol. 2, No. 1, e000033 [PDF, 929kB]

Preposi Cruz, Jonas; Colet, Paolo C.; Alquwez, Nahed; Inocian, Ergie P.; Al-Otaibi, Raid Salman and Islam, Sheikh Mohammed Shariful (2017): Influence of religiosity and spiritual coping on health-related quality of life in Saudi haemodialysis patients. In: Hemodialysis international, Vol. 21, No. 1: pp. 125-132


Islam, Sheikh Mohammed Shariful; Mainuddin, A. K. M.; Bhuiyan, Faiz Ahmed and Chowdhury, Kamrun Nahar (2016): Prevalence of tobacco use and its contributing factors among adolescents in Bangladesh: Results from a population-based study. In: South Asian Journal of Cancer, Vol. 5, No. 4: 186-+ [PDF, 474kB]

Safita, Novie; Islam, Sheikh Mohammed Shariful; Chow, Clara K.; Niessen, Louis; Lechner, Andreas; Holle, Rolf and Laxy, Michael (2016): The impact of type 2 diabetes on health related quality of life in Bangladesh: results from a matched study comparing treated cases with non-diabetic controls. In: Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 14:129 [PDF, 564kB]

Chow, Clara K.; Islam, Sheikh Mohammed Shariful; Farmer, Andrew; Bobrow, Kirsty; Maddision, Ralph; Whittaker, Robyn; Dale, Leila Pfaeffli; Lechner, Andreas; Niessen, Louis; Lear, Scott A.; Eapen, Zubin J.; Santo, Karla; Stepien, Sandrine; Redfern, Julie and Rodgers, Anthony (2016): Text2PreventCVD: protocol for a systematic review and individual participant data meta-analysis of text message-based interventions for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. In: BMJ Open, Vol. 6, No. 10, e012723 [PDF, 769kB]

Choudhury, Arup Ratan; Choudhury, Kamrun Nahar and Islam, Sheikh Mohammed Shariful (2016): Relationship of dental diseases with coronary artery diseases and diabetes in Bangladesh. In: Cardiovascular Diagnosis and therapy, Vol. 6, No. 2: pp. 131-137

Islam, Sheikh Mohammed Shariful; Lechner, Andreas; Ferrari, Uta; Seissler, Jochen; Holle, Rolf and Niessen, Louis W. (2016): Mobile phone use and willingness to pay for SMS for diabetes in Bangladesh. In: Journal of Public Health, Vol. 38, No. 1: pp. 163-169

Islam, Md. Ariful; Rahman, Anisur; Aleem, Mohammad Abdul and Islam, Sheikh Mohammed Shariful (2016): Prevalence and Associated Factors of Depression Among Post-Stroke Patients in Bangladesh. In: International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, Vol. 14, No. 2: pp. 154-166

Rahman, Mohammad Mizanur; Rahaman, Mohammad Mahmudur; Hamadani, Jena D.; Mustafa, Kamrun and Islam, Sheikh Mohammed Shariful (2016): Psycho-social factors associated with relapse to drug addiction in Bangladesh. In: Journal of Substance Use, Vol. 21, No. 6: pp. 627-630


Islam, Sheikh Mohammed Shariful; Ferrari, Uta; Seissler, Jochen; Niessen, Louis and Lechner, Andreas (2015): Association between depression and diabetes amongst adults in Bangladesh: Hospital-based case-control study. In: Journal of Global Health, Vol. 5, No. 2, 020406: pp. 98-106 [PDF, 1MB]

Karim, Mohammad Azizul; Majumder, Abdullah Al Shafi; Islam, Khandaker Qamrul; Alam, Muhammad Badrul; Paul, Makhan Lal; Islam, Mohammad Shafiqul; Chowdhury, Kamrun N. and Islam, Sheikh Mohammed Shariful (2015): Risk factors and in-hospital outcome of acute ST segment elevation myocardial infarction in young Bangladeshi adults. In: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 15:73 [PDF, 548kB]

Islam, Sheikh Mohammed Shariful; Niessen, Louis W.; Seissler, Jochen; Ferrari, Uta; Biswas, Tuhin; Islam, Anwar and Lechner, Andreas (2015): Diabetes knowledge and glycemic control among patients with type 2 diabetes in Bangladesh. In: Springerplus, Vol. 4, 284 [PDF, 837kB]

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